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Who am I? My name is Avril, the creator and head editor of Fish Hickey.

I made Fish Hickey because I love writing about music, but I wanted a context in which I could write about it more personally. I'm interested in weird, unique shit that has a good sense of humor. I want to celebrate artists who make beautiful art, and stay true to themselves while doing so. I also want to really explore the relationship between music and audience. Fish Hickey has an emphasis on smaller bands who are more active in local scenes, but we will write about artists from every sort of genre and category. 

About me



Music Submissions: We always enjoy hearing from artists. Please send music to our email. Generally, we prefer Bandcamp or Soundcloud. We will not respond to every submission. 

Photography Submissions: Do you take pictures at shows? We love pictures from shows, and would love to feature your work. Send us an email with the photos, names of all artists shown, venue, and date. 

Contribute: If you would like to write for Fish Hickey, please send us an email with a short description of what music you like, and what experience you have in writing. We'll do our best to get back to you with more information. 

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